“In a time of battle, on a regular basis items achieve other meanings.” A choice of works from ROAR // The entirety Is Univocal exhibition

“In a time of battle, on a regular basis items achieve other meanings.” A choice of works from ROAR // The entirety Is Univocal exhibition

The very intensity of the Ukrainian soil, its colour and texture, instructed this subject to me. When the invader approaches, the everlasting, naturally happening Warrior in beryllium armor rises from the depths. Nicknamed “the sunny stone”, heliodor provides his movements the unbeatable energy of Gentle. The inner most alchemy of fight magic turns on. As for the Earth, she is each pained via the missile moves and at pains to console all her youngsters. She mocks the enemy and accepts him into herself, simplest to develop into his dying. Heroes, alternatively, don’t die. Glory to the heroes!

The Ukrainian soil recalls the entirety and can triumph over the entirety. Let no legal who assaults its freedom and dignity get away punishment.

The picture includes a tank with a flag – the triumphant Chornobaivka within the background. (As a result of the refrain.)

“The Explosion” is the spirit of the preferred track “Need a mild?”. It provides the enemy an opportunity to smoke in an irrelevant position and is most commonly fabricated from salmiac (to sober them up).

The battle is unbearably scary and fatal; it blackens the defender’s wings, however he stays the everlasting warrior of the sunshine. Morale is more potent than dying. Ukraine, within the symbol of a woman fabricated from extraordinarily infrequent topazes, is consoled via a big goethite cat.

The Valuable Defender, contents:

Anapaite, Ca2Fe2+(PO4)2×4H2O, Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine
Apophyllite, rare-earth in pegmatite, Prudiansky mine, Ukraine
Astrophyllite, Pryazovia, Dmytrivka, Ukraine
Heliodor, Be3Al2Si6O18, Volodarsk-Volynskyi, Ukraine
Beryllium, Volodarsk-Volynskyi, Ukraine
Boulangerite in quartz, Iesaulivka, Nagolny Kryazh, Donbas, Ukraine
Vivianite-kerchenite, Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O, Kerch, Ukraine
Helenite in phosphorus concretion, Podilia, Ukraine
Goethite, Volodarsk-Volynskyi pegmatite box, Ukraine
Grunerite-asbestos, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Carbonate-fluorapatite (phosphorite), Kamenets-Podolsky, Khmelnitskaya Oblast, Ukraine
Quarts (rock crystal), Nagolny Kryazh, Donbas, Ukraine
Cinnabar, HgS, Nykytivka, Donbas, Ukraine
Labradorite, Volhynia, Ukraine
Langbeinite, Kalush, Prykarpattia, Ukraine
Manganese ore, Ukraine
Monazite, grains in quarts with prosopite and weberite, Ukraine
Morion, Volodarsk-Volynskyi pegmatite box, Ukraine
Salmiac, Manzhykiv Kut, Donbas, Ukraine
Petalite, Shevchenkivske deposit, Ukraine
Spodumene, Shevchenkivske deposit, Ukraine
Struverite, albite (clevelandite) Volodarsk-Volynskyi pegmatite box, Ukraine
Topaz, Al2(SiO4)(F,OH)2, Volodarsk-Volynskyi pegmatite box, Ukraine
Topaz on albite, Volodarsk-Volynskyi pegmatite box, Ukraine
Topaz with fluorite inclusions, Volodarsk-Volynskyi, Ukraine
Phenacite, Volodarsk-Volynskyi pegmatite box, Ukraine
Fluorite, Volodarsk-Volynskyi, Ukraine
Chalcedony on sea lilies, chalcedony-displaced limestone, Pryazovia, Donbas, Ukraine
Shorl, Korets, Ukraine
Erionite in calcite, Kara Dag, Crimea, Ukraine
Amber, Ukraine

Resources of incorporated imagery: banknotes and cash of the Nationwide Financial institution of Ukraine.

The Defender’s gaze: Taras Topolya, the frontman of the band Antibodies. You fill my center with mild. You’re the Gentle of the arena!

My cohesion is with trendy artists protecting their Earth and their Freedom, combating at the aspect of excellent! Pricey warriors, defenders, women and men, come again alive and burn our hearts along with your creativity! Lengthy Are living Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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